A private intelligence agency


The Aracari (ärəˈkärē) Project is a British-American Private Intelligence Agency, or PIA, with offices in both The United Kingdom & The United States. Here, we reject the notion that all problems require a lawful solution. Your adversaries don't play by the rules, & neither do we. We are strictly results driven.

Services rendered:

Cyber intelligence
We offer complex cyber solutions from our elite team of Certified Ethical Hackers (yes, that is a real thing), largely those who were employed by the NSA & the GCHQ in their previous line of work. We specialize in large-scale cyber attack mitigation, digital forensics, cyber fraud investigations & negotiations, post-breach recovery, & penetration testing.
OSINT stands for Open Source Intelligence. We leverage the latest tools in the industry so that we are able to locate as much information as you may require. Addresses, social security numbers, those annoying background report sites, social media, etc. All of these will be combined into an easy-to-read report. We also offer an OSINT Scrub, in which we purge, or "scrub" the located information from all sources & continue to do so, so long as you remain our client.
General consulting
Sometimes you just need someone you can rely on for general guidance, custom software solutions, web hosting, privacy practices, etc. Let us be the organization for you. In addition to what is listed above, we can also set you up with your very own Bitcoin node routed directly through Tor, which pairs to your wallet, to keep your digital transactions truly anonymous.
Red Teaming
Red Teaming is the art of onsite testing, and/or operations that are carried out by our team with the intention of being able to breach your organization's defenses. This can range from a cyber angle to a physical security angle. The purpose of a Red Team approach is to simulate a real-life attack, without real-life repercussions. Once we uncover a vulnerability, we will exploit it, all while keeping detailed records so that your organization can correct the issue at hand. If desired we will work directly with you to do so.
Blockchain Fraud & Forensics
As cryptocurrency gains popularity, cybercriminals will continue to exploit it. If you are defrauded out of your digital assets, there is nothing you can do about it. However, we can. We employ one of the nation's leading experts in blockchain forensics & utilize the latest in blockchain forensic software to track down your stolen assets. Once we have completed your detailed trace guide, we work directly with law enforcement to resolve your case & work towards asset recovery.
Vulnerability Assessments
Have you ever wondered how susceptible your business, or person, is to an attack? We can tell you. Ranging from in-depth OSINT procedures to cyber assessments, the breaching of your personal; accounts, locating your leaked passwords, defacing your company's website, etc. Similar to Red Teaming, we are looking for a vulnerability and testing your procedures. However, unlike Red Teaming, the attacks that we carry out will be much less comprehensive.

We proudly present: VyprNest

The Aracari Project proudly presents VyprNest. VyprNest is our in-house solution for safeguarding your local network from malicious attackers. With our platform, we are able to monitor your entire network for any intrusions that may occur & immediately block the attempts before damage is done.
DDoS/DoS attacks, phishing attempts, man-in-the-middle attacks, Trojans, & much, much more are worries of the past. Our product will alert our SOC (Security Operations Center) to any of these attacks the instant that they occur. Once an attack is identified, we will immediately alert you to the breach & advise on the best course of action to take to prevent similar attacks to happen in the future.This platform is perfect for those concerned that their network integrity & security. When a breach occurs we log, & record the attack. Making it that much easier to bring your case to law enforcement & have the evidence to back it up.
Our Privacy Guarantee

Encrypted Proton suite

Proton set the industry standard for encrypted email services over a decade ago, & we are proud to be their partner & use their services exclusively. From housing files, and creating events in your calendar, to a truly secure network connection. Everything done through us is at no risk of 3rd party compromise, & we have worked very hard to make that the case.

PGP Offered

PGP, or Pretty Good Privacy, is an encryption protocol that creates a secure way to verify who you are talking to, making your messages/emails unreadable to outside recipients, and signing. The best part is that you set the strength of your key, and you control it without the need of utilizing a 3rd party.

We accept Cryptocurrency

Just as we offer tracing services, we also accept it as payment. This is because done properly, your transactions are not tied to your identity. Some of our clients have requested the acceptance of crypto, & we happily obliged. As of this moment, we accept a variety of different currencies, however, our preference will forever be bitcoin.

NDA & Legal Docs required

Trust is hard to come by, but legal documents are relatively simple. We think of it as "a legal way to trust one another." We not only welcome the use of strict documents & NDAs, but we also require them. If you wish to remain anonymous throughout our interaction, we offer signable documents via your PGP key

Private video & Voice conferences

By leveraging the open-source conferencing solution 8x8, we implement a private, secure, server that we control to hold all meetings on. This is hosted on our website itself, thus guaranteeing an encrypted connection & a safe environment for all participants.

Tor-routed E-mail available

Proton is an amazing project, as stated above. However, some of our clients have requested we also open a tor-hosted-only mailbox. So it is done. To take advantage of tor-secured email communication, please complete the contact form & list your tor email address within. We will email you from ours within 24 hours.